Face Care


Traditional Facial

60 min Rp 550.000

Maintain the skin’s vitality and elasticity, leaving it radiant, fresh and nurtured. Choice of rose, cananga, or lime extract to suit your skin type.

Aromatherapy Facial

90 min Rp 750.000

A rejuvenating facial designed to cleanse and soothe your skin.

White & Clear

90 min Rp 750.000

Usefull treatment to minimize dark spot and wrinkles as well as maintain skin elasticity and prevent premature aging.

Lifting and Firming Facial

90 min Rp 800.000

Helps to eliminate wrinkles, lift and firm your skin, remove dead skin cells and at the same time clean and soothe the skin.

Face Massage & Accupoint

60 min Rp 475.000

This treatment concentrates on the face’s meridian point to increase blood circulation & refresh your look.

Optional: Eye Care

Rp 200.000