Exotic Indonesian Spa

120 min Rp 1.000.000


Javanese Royal Heritage

Discover your skin`s true beauty, through this traditional treatment using natural ingredient of rice powder, sandalwood, turmeric, and other herb. Leaving your skin velvety smooth and radiant as well as clear unpleasant body odor. Process: foot spa, massage, steam, body exfoliation, yoghurt body polish, herbal bath, body lotion.

Island Spice

Feel the ancient secret of Balinese recipe, known as boreh ( mixture of rice powder, ginger, clove, nutmeg, galangal and other herbs ). Effective to relieve muscle tension, ache, as well as improving blood circulation. Process: foot spa, massage, steam, “Boreh” body wrap, herbal bath, body lotion.

Princess Secret

A traditional secret of beauty care only for women, used by generations of javanese women and brides. This unique traditional treatment includes special body smoke reputed to cleanse the female genitalia, remove unpleasant odors and reduce vaginal discharge. Process: foot spa , scrub, steam, massage, herbal bath, body lotion, vaginal and body smoke.
*Exclusively for ladies