Body Massages


Nusantara Massage

75 min Rp 600.000

A popular Indonesian massage that uses a combination of thumbs and palms as the therapeutic power of touch to relax muscle, improve blood circulation and at the same time releases inner tension.

Aromatherapy Massage

75 min Rp 600.000

This soothing massage works your body in a very natural and holistic way by gently activating the body’s own healing energies. (Choices of aromatherapy oil available at the spa counter)

Bamboo Massage

75 min Rp 600.000

A special non oil massage using a combination of hands and bamboo that works on muscles and nerve pathways, easing muscle stiffness and encouraging blood circulation to leave you totally refreshed.

Signature Massage

75 min Rp 600.000

A deep pressure massage on muscles and joints that is done by applying pressure techniques to various body points along energy pathways.

“The Rocks” Stone Massage

90 min Rp 675.000

A treatment using different sizes of heated basalt stone place on key points of the body, creating a relaxing sensation of comfort and warmth.

Dwi Jegeg Massage

75 min Rp 750.000

A massage that is done by two therapists with the same rhythm and pressure to reduce stiff muscles and tiredness.